Committee, 2017/2018  (as at 05/11/2017)

Name Appointment Contact
Sue Tovey Chairman
John Weller Vice Chairman
Catharine Sharples Hon. Secretary 
Francis Wright Hon. Treasurer
Diana Tighe Assistant Treasurer  
Derek Henry Webmaster
James Underwood Speaker's Secretary
Phil Sharman Newsletter Editor 
Jane Bull Group Leaders Co-ordinator
Jeanette Smith  Membership  Secretary
Peter Franks  Archivist 
Lena Mullins First Aid Rep. and Publicity
Ken Ross Equipment Officer
Jan Campbell Committee Member
Felicity Cole Refreshments  

The above list identifies the committee as appointed at the 2017 AGM.  A full report of the AGM will be provided after the new committee have their first meeting. The membership Secretary can be contacted on 07593 539813  or via the e-mail web address

The Committee meets 4 times a year.  Click HERE for the minutes of the meeting held on Friday 1st December 2017

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Report of the Trustees of Devizes & District U3A  for the year ending 31st March 2017

Membership      At the 31st Mar 2017 membership stood at 672, 15 up on this time last year. Whether we receive a significant increase in the next year seems doubtful as the annual increase has been slight over the last few years. We usually lose about 10% at the end of May as the 2 month period of grace for renewing comes to an end.

Groups    Group activities continue to thrive.  We now have nearly 60 groups and, as ever, as some close new ones open or others are revived   During the last year there has been 1 meeting of the group leaders and the trustees to report on individual group activities and to discuss issues among themselves.  In previous years there had been 2 such meetings but 1 was felt to be enough and it was certainly fairly well attended.

 We are all very grateful to the group leaders as without them there would not be a U3A.

 General Activities

Monthly Meetings

The Monthly meetings continue to prove popular.  Jim Underwood took over the role of Speaker Secretary at the last AGM from Derek Rowe, who sadly died a short while ago.  Jim has done an excellent job in sourcing interesting speakers for which we are all grateful. 

 We are aware that there have been occasions when the speaker has been difficult to hear and we are investigating ways in which we can remedy this.

Roughly 10% of the membership attend these meetings and we would like to see more coming so please spread the word among your groups.

Coffee Mornings  Coffee mornings continue to be well attended and provide an excellent opportunity for members to socialise and for new and potential new members to meet others. 

Newsletter  The newsletter continues to be very popular.  An electronic version is now produced and emailed to all members who request it.  Only a relatively small number take just the electronic version but a lot of members have both.    We have had a hiccup this year with a batch going missing in the post but we now collect them from the printers and deliver them to the Royal Mail ourselves so we are hopeful that this should not be repeated.

Web Site   This has been active now for over 14 years and continues to have been hit regularly  (over 2000 strikes in this year alone)   It aims to be a source of information for attracting new and existing members.  The group leaders provide interesting reports on group activities and new contributions from members are always welcome.   Our webmaster, Derek Henry, always welcomes updated items from group leaders

Committee  The committee continues to do an excellent job.  Diana Tighe is standing down this year after some 9 years as a committee member.  We are all very grateful to her for her work over that time and she will be missed.

Another of Dianaís roles has been to provide the publicity for our coffee mornings (10 each year).  She has had a very willing assistant who puts up the notices but she isnít able to produce them.  Again, a request went out via group leaders for a replacement.  But to no avail.  If anyone is willing to take on either or both of these roles please let me or any other committee member know.

Regional Activities  The committee continues to liaise with the other local U3As that are members of the Bath and Wilts Forum.


We have had another successful year; Devizes and District U3A continues to go from strength to strength.  This is entirely due to the trustees, group leaders and members who put in so much work to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

On behalf of the trustees,  

Sue Tovey

Chairman, Devizes & District U3A

* * * * * *

Devizes & District U3A

Financial Report to the 2016/2017 Annual General Meeting

23rd May 2017


Once again I can report that our financial health remains very good.   I hope that everyone has, or has seen a copy of, the detailed figures and in a couple of minutes I will comment on them in general terms but first I want to record my thanks to our Auditor, Brian Gatward, for his thorough perusal leading to the endorsement of the accounts.   Because of family commitments Brian is unable to be with us today but he has indicated that he is willing to undertake the auditing task for the present financial year if required.    I have found his long-standing financial experience and expertise together with his willingly given help and advice to be invaluable and I sincerely hope the meeting will later agree to his continuance as our Auditor.

             I also want to record my grateful thanks to Diana Tighe for her help throughout the year.   She is the only person other than me with full access to all of our accounts, which are all internet based, and she has thus had the ability to review any financial queries or make any payments which may arise when I am unavailable.    I routinely manage the General, Memberships and Savings Accounts but as a huge contribution to simplifying my life, during my time as Treasurer Diana has managed the Museums and Galleries Account.   Thank you Diana.

 At last yearís General Meeting I reported that with our assets progressively increasing each year it had been decided to reduce the annual subscription from £15:00 to £12:00 to reduce our reserves to a more comfortable level;   I assessed that this would result in a reduction of our total assets by around £1,000:00 in the first - the past - year.   The actual reduction was £1,109:72 which is very satisfying;   this figure is the difference between the final 2015/16 and 2016/17 General Fund figures LESS the difference between the Museums & Galleries recorded Current Assets for each year.   Members may recall that last year I emphasized that the latter account included payment for an impending visit which was subsequently paid out at a later date.

            Turning to the detail of the Accounts.  .  .  For the Income for the Organisation (the General, Membership and Savings Accounts), Gift Aid claims have now been aligned with the Financial Year and if the membership numbers remain at the same level the income during the present financial year will again be around £9,000:00;    in fact membership numbers have actually increased each year.    Conversely I expect the expenditure to remain relatively static or even show a small decrease with the discontinuation of separate membership cards and a reduction of costs for First Aid training;   there will however inevitably be some effect from inflation.   But again I emphasize that our finances remain very healthy and I confidently forecast that in line with our asset reduction policy our assets will again decrease by around £1,000:00 during the present financial year.    With the present trend it should not be necessary to review the annual membership fee for some years.

             Excepting for the Museum and Galleries account a significant element of our finances is under the control of Groups and I must record my appreciation to Group Leaders for their cooperation in supplying the necessary data for completion of this part of the report.   Whilst it is not readily apparent from the raw figures, it is obvious from the source information that financially the Groups are responsibly managed and the importance of accurate reporting is fully recognized Ė even by those Group Leaders who submit ĎNilí returns.   My thanks to all.

             I wonít delve any deeper into the figures but please feel free to ask any questions either now or immediately after the meeting.    Thank you all for your attention.

23rd May 2017                                                                                                                                               J S C



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