Something About the Wine Appreciation Group.

Why are we here?

Format of meetings


 A programme of events and presenters, together with a current list of members names, addresses and telephone numbers, is issued every six months.

We hold a garden buffet lunch party in the summer and a buffet lunch party prior to Christmas.  This may incur an additional modest fee for food but your non-member partners can also be invited.


It will be always assumed you will be present at the next meeting.

If you are unable to attend please advise the next presenter or the group co-ordinator in good time.

If you wish to leave the group altogether please advise the group co-ordinator.



The wine appreciation group has proved so popular it has had to be split into two separate groups, they meet on the third and fourth Wednesdays of each month.   This can be convenient when you are unable to attend your regular group as you can arrange to attend the other meeting. Membership of each group must, of necessity, be limited as the average living room cannot usually hold more than a dozen members comfortably.

We are always on the lookout for new members as existing members occasionally fall ill, go on holiday, forget (!), or even leave, so we have to remain aware of the need for replacements. If we acquire too many members, a further group can always be started or alternatively a waiting list can always be started.  At the same time if you have visiting friends or relations, neighbors or just acquaintances who may be interested, you may wish to bring them along tom one of our presentations, but please  let the co-ordinator or the host know in advance.


Current cost is 7.00.   This covers the cost of wines, cheese, biscuits, etc. at each meeting and the provision of glasses, programmes, monthly newsletter and postage etc. any cash build up goes towards the cost of our summer garden party.


U3A Wine Appreciation Group Summer Party and at recent meetings. Good time had by all.  (following pictures provided by Brian Crook.)


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