Geology Group Field Excursion 2018.

Journey Down.  01- Rougemont Castle Gatehouse built of Heavitree Stone (a Permian Breccia) and Trap (a local volcanic stone) 02 -Exeter Cathedral West Front (some Beer Stone) Day 2 am. 03a View of Dawlish Warren Spit from Manor Hotel
03b - View along Dawlish Warren spit towards Exmouth 03c Langstone Rock, Dawlish Warren (Permian Breccia) 04 Examining a water escape pipe in the Langstone Breccia
05 Faulting in the Permian Sandstone behind the Dawlish railwayline 06 Budleigh Salterton Pebble beds with Otter Sandstone above 07 Pebble bed Budleigh Salterton
08 Assorted beach pebbles Budleigh Salterton from many different sources 09 Calcareous concretions around (probable) plant roots in Otter Sandstone behind promenade Budleigh Salterton 10 Dune bedding in the red sandstone to the west of Orcombe Point
12 A wave cut platform below Orcombe Point approaching Sandy Bay Day 3  13 A tour of Beer Quarry Caves 14 Checking out a slikenside in Beer Quarry Caves
15 Beer Beach where Chalk lies in  a minor syncline caused by drag on the Seaton Fault 16 Descending Seaton Hole at Whitecliff (Chalk/Bindon Sandstone/Whitecliff Chert) 17 Back to the Triassic mudstones, along the beach to Seaton looking towards the Bindon Landslip
Return Journey.  18   A water-escape structure in a Beef Rock concretion beneath the cliffs at Lyme Regis 19 Blue Lias formation Lyme Regis looking towards Black Ven and Charmouth  

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