What is the difference between "To" and "Bcc" (Blind carbon copy)?

Why was it wrong to use the To-field?

What's the alternative?

If you had put everyone's addresses in the Bcc-field instead, all these risks would have been eliminated.

If you want everyone addressed  to know who it has gone to, simply add their names into the text, not their full e-mail address.    It is the unique make-up of the e-mail address which is copied, ie/  name@myserver.co.uk   not just the name of the person you want to send it to.   They know it has come from you because your name appears when they receive your message - so they have the option to open it or not. 

You may think that if just your name appears in the list of addresses sent openly, it does not disclose their e-mail address? Not so!  If you don't believe me just right click the name and you will see their e-mail addresses.

If you do it regularly to a particular group of your contacts, set up a Group Address List in your address book and simply put that into the BCC field. 

So PLEASE stop sending you messages using the TO line  or using "Reply All" -  be sociable and send them BCC.  

Your long suffering webmaster!